Panama Is Enjoying Boot Camp!

13008 PanamaWe more than halfway through Boot Camp! It’s still very hot, but it hasn’t started raining yet, so we are all still dry. We won the cleanliness award again, so we were able to swim in the pool. At the rate the boys are going, belly flops will soon become a competitive sport, which Hayden or Tanner would probably win. We also won on the Obstacle Course on Saturday and this morning, Brittany, Shelby, Natalie and Briannah went over the wall for the first time which was a great victory for the whole team.

Everyone is still busy with their classes; they are growing spiritually and are continuing to learn important skills such a block-laying and drama as evangelism. It really is an awesome privilege to watch them worship enthusiastically during rally and to see them grow together as a team. We switched tent partners yesterday so that they will get to know others well and hopefully learn more about team members they don’t have the opportunity to talk to often.

Tyler Swanson—My name is Tyler Swanson and I’ve had a really good time but I’ve been really homesick. I love the OC. I am having fun in my classes. Overall, I had a good time.

Hannah McFarland—I thank God for sending me to Boot Camp this summer! I feel like God has touched my life even more than before and that I can draw even closer to Him.








  1. Kristina Schmidt

    I just found the link to the facebook page for Panama 2013:

  2. Yay!! Praying for you!!

  3. Parents, I have created a parent page so we can offer encouragement, support and share any news we receive while are kids are in panama together. Please spread the word

  4. Holly McFarland

    Praise God! Praying for you all.

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