Honduras’ Highlights of Boot Camp

Our second week at Boot Camp is going great! It has been hot, but no rain or mud. The team had to clean the bathrooms because we were messy, but it has taught us a lot and we are learning to pick up after ourselves. The team is growing together though difficult times. We have had three team members recently lose someone they were close to, so please keep them in your prayers. We are into our last days of Boot Camp and we are excited to go to Honduras. Missions Conference is this weekend and Commissioning is Sunday! There is a lot to do between now and then, including packing out. Please pray that we will finish Boot Camp strong!

Ryan Nicholls—I have always been raised up in a Christian home, and never really did anything bad. So, I don’t have an amazing testimony. I was saved when I was seven years old. My mom led me to Christ on my bed in my room. She led me through the Roman’s Road and I realized that I had sinned. I also remember her using John 3:16. After I was saved, I continued to go on missions trips and to church. Now, I am on a work/evangelism missions trip to Honduras.

Caleb Erikson—When I came to Boot Camp, all I had on my mind was “survival” because I just wanted to skip right to the field. But on the third night, we had an altar call, God was really tugging on my heart to recommit my heart because most of my life, I had been living my parent’s faith. But my leader, Graham Nelson, and I talked. He brought me to 1 John 5:14 and now I have accepted Jesus into my heart.


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  1. Waaaaaaaaaaay cool Caleb!

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