Italy Backpacking At Boot Camp

It’s been wonderful to see how our team has progressed over the past few days. Since Thursday, we have won the pool twice, and also swam in the lake for some free time. It’s not always easy at 5:30 a.m. wake-up call to have the energy to move quickly, but they are learning the fast pace of Boot Camp. It’s impressive to watch everyone run to class with a 20 lb. pack on their back. Drama classes have started, where they learn skits and silent drama. Jenna says she is having fun learning the drama, Colors, where they portray the Wordless Book. Sunday was a busy day for us. Eric, Hannah J. and Ryland each had an hour in the prayer tower. After church we had our team picture and right after that, a tour of the display room. They did any amazing job getting the bathrooms cleaned in 30 minutes for serving piggy, which gave them time for a swim. We had some team time that day at the tent site, tent mates were switched as they cleaned up the area, and the AIDS orphans offering was taken after we all prayed. We continue to pray for a unified team and our focus on the Lord. Everyone is healthy apart from the blisters. We anticipate Commissioning and the opportunity to evangelize in Italy. I hear the kids talk about how blessed they really are and how Christ is moving in their hearts. Already past the half way point here at the Lord’s Boot Camp! Please continue to be thinking and praying for us.

Jared Iles—When I first came to Boot Camp, I realized just how humid it was here. The first few days were the worst days of my life so far, which isn’t saying a lot. Every time I went want somewhere, I forgot something. Things are getting much easier. God is really working on me and showing me just how awesome He is.

Grace Nation—Home. For many, if not all of us, it brings cheerful memories of a place with good food and loving family. One of the most significant trials that Boot Camp brings has is stripping us of from such an environment. During devotions yesterday, I was tempted to complain about my circumstances, when it was revealed to me that although I have been blessed with a loving family and good food, my true home is with Jesus. He is my “safe place” and the one in which I place my thanksgiving. Enjoying the ever-present love of God which permeates my soul with joy and peace.





  1. What a comfort to see that our daughter is drawing on her Savior for comfort and strength. Thank you for the updates. It is a comfort to us parents as we trust the leading of God that they be with TM this summer.

  2. Thanks so much for the update! It’s always encouraging to hear testimonies from the team and see how the Lord is working in everyone’s life. We also love getting a glimpse into life at boot camp. Praying for all of you!

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