Malawi Is Getting Excited!

13007 MalawiThe days go by slow, but the weeks go by fast at the Lord’s Boot Camp! Several of our team members say that they feel like they have been here forever and yet it seems they’ve just arrived at the same time. Their progress in classes and overall efficiency with time shows that the training here is having the desired effect. We have a good number of hard workers on our team. Block laying, our every day class, is coming along nicely. We’ve progressed to building walls and learning how to set windows. On top of construction classes, we have been learning choreography and songs for puppets. The team learns quickly and we have four songs prepared so far for our time in Malawi.The weather has been sunny and hot. Today we expect rain—we’ll see if our tents stay as dry as they have been. Several of our team have talked about the conviction they have felt over their own sins while sitting in various classes. Praise the Lord for the deep work of His Spirit in our team. We had the opportunity to take a tour of a life-size replica of the Tabernacle on Friday as well as attend an African Sunday School “in the bush” on Saturday, which was much like the MSSM run at various Rescue Units in Africa. We enjoyed hearing the Bible lesson, coloring with the crayons (everyone got one crayon each and made a trade for a new color), playing games and praying for this ministry. We are excited to experience it first hand once we are in Malawi. There are only six days left of Boot Camp and then we will be off to the field. Jessica said, “I wish we were in Africa already!” She spoke the desire of our team. We are grateful for the training and excited to get to our project. We weighed all of our luggage on Sunday and it was a reminder of just how close we are to leaving! Continue to keep us in your prayers as we also pray!

Jessica Ziebell—My time here at the Lord’s Boot Camp has been a test of faith for sure. Waking up early and only having five minutes to get ready is definitely a sample to make sure you really want to serve God in the mission field. And I am thankful for every bit of it.


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  1. I love the visual…block laying…block by block. Isn’t this how the Lord works…giving us ‘one more block to lay’…one more challenge to make us stronger and to bring Him glory. Safe travels..praying with love.

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