Scotland’s News From Boot Camp!

13004 ScotlandWell, folks, it’s Monday of our final week of Boot Camp. Only a few more days to go and we will be headed out to our project in Scotland. The weather down here in Florida has remained dry, Praise the Lord! It has been very hot and bugs have been out full force. Please pray that we will continue to have sun for our pack-out days later this week. This week our team will continue with classes in puppetry and drama, and starting today, we will have advanced evangelism courses during two class periods. These classes will help prepare our team for the many challenging questions we might be asked while sharing the Gospel in the UK. We will continue these classes all week. Yesterday, many of the Super Boot Camp leaders started arriving along with the Peanuts (ages 6-9). This has resulted in a very busy and crowded camp. The whole team is continuing to grow in the excitement for our mission, and are working together and getting along. The last two nights, we have had amazing teachers at our evening rallies. Our team has responded well with one of our teens going to the altar to lay down a personal burden. Sunday we had some free time to play at the lake where the team was allowed to use one of the rope swings. It was a wonderful and refreshing day. We are grateful for your prayers. Please continue lifting up our team for our spiritual growth.

Kimi Barton—This past week has gone by so fast! Thank God! I’ve loved so much about Boot Camp, the teaching, worship, friends and of course, the lake! But I still can’t wait to travel to Scotland.

Levi Mosby—Philippians 4:17 This verse has been reverberating in my mind all of Boot Camp. It has helped me over discouragement and the humidity and heat.


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  1. Much of my family is praying for you all with my immediate family praying several times a day! We are excited to see what the Lord is doing in and through you. May you all be strengthened and encouraged as you continue to serve our Mighty God! Lots of love to you all!

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