Vanuatu Is Loving Boot Camp!

13001 VanuatuPraise the Lord, we have passed the half-way mark! Everyone enjoyed their first week tent partners. Sunday we changed it up and the team is excited to bond with their new tent buddy. The team continues to be outstanding and has won the pool for the cleanliness award for the third time! They say they want to stay humble and not boast of their good fortune. With the expert tutelage of head leader, Jeremy, the team sounds more like a choir team than a work team. Sara Davis has stepped up and blessed the team by accompanying the team with her ukulele. This morning everyone on the team finally got the chance to go over the wall. Rebecca Gold, a former team member, made our team proud when she made it over the wall for the first time after much praying with our leaders!

Ethan Seevers—This week, the Lord has showed me the value of team work. It is incredibly important in the Christian walk. We would be nowhere without a team of believers.

Hope Willeford—What I’ve learned from Boot Camp is that it is very humbling. I’m already not the same person I was; I’m more outgoing than I used to be, and God is changing me in many different ways and He’s not even close to being done. Even though I’m missing home and this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, I know God has a plan for me. And I will serve Him to the best of my ability. This summer is going to turn my life around in a complete circle.


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  1. Way to go BECKY!!!

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