Today was the last day of running the Obstacle Course. The team has been amazing and are now looking forward to evangelizing in Italy. They have all been very involved in the drama and puppet classes, and we have been getting very positive responses from the teachers. On Tuesday they got a tour of the life-sized replica of the Tabernacle and on Wednesday they experience a Sunday School lesson as it would be in Africa. Evangelism lessons have been going well and they have been practicing with each other. Yesterday we had a time of sharing where Jenna Speight sared her testimony and encouraged our team. Tomorrow we start to pack for Italy.

Ryland Mcgaha – I have had a great time at Boot Camp. My eyes have been opened for the first time. God is stirring a great feeling in my heart and it is amazing.

Katelyn Brown – My time at Boot Camp has been wonderful. However, there have been many struggles along the way. One passage that gets me through the day is in Hebrews 11. By faith Abraham, Moses, and many others did amazing things in the name of Jesus. I just think of mine as being,  “By faith Katelyn Brown struggled a little at Boot Camp and led many to the Lord in Italy.”



  1. By now team Italy you are in your country!!!! How exciting- cannot wait to hear how God will use your time there to impact His kingdom!!!! Have a espresso for me Shalen- praying for you all each day!!!! Love and encouragement sent to you all!
    Peggy Sue…..

  2. Hi — Trey’s Mom here — you all look great in the picture! I’m praying that all of you have the trip of a lifetime! Have a cappaccino & canollii for me! Much love & safe travel for all of you —

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