Malawi Is Full of Joy!

13007 MalawiWe have a call and response in order to get the team’s attention. The leaders say, “Iwalam!” and the team responds, “joy!”. This is an accurate description of our team—joy in our work and in the fellowship of each other in the Lord.

Today marks the last official day of classes. We’ve learned how to set corner stones for a building yesterday, and it was a rather intensive time! If the measurement is off even 1/8 inch, the whole structure will be off. The trick, of course, is to have that one block that never moves- off of which we base all of the rest of the layout. What a picture of air dependency on Christ, Who is our cornerstone!

We’ve completed two carpentry sessions, a digging session (Julia Crawford says this was her favorite class), and a session a balloons in the past three days. Haydn Leatherland and Kathryn Jespersen play their instruments for our music class and our presentation is coming along nicely. Jessica Ziebel and Faith Widman have beautiful singing voices and are our harmony section when we sing. We’re starting to sound pretty good!

Everyone is starting to get the hang of washing clothes in a bucket! And we are working on our cleanliness. We’ve had the Piggy Award twice already which means there were two days when we were the dirtiest group here! Sierra Avila, Kathryn Jespersen, and Hannah Marns resent this title, as their tents are usually spotless. But we all wear our Piggy signs with our heads held high; at least the signs make good fans!

The weather has been sunny and hot during the day and rainy with lightning and thunder at night. The hot sun means that we need to wet down our footing well during block laying class so that the morter isn’t so hard to clean up at the end of class. Hannah Morris has been our top of the class person in mixing morter, being the first to attain the desired consistency of “fluffy.” She’s since been teaching others how to do the same. Tonie Jo Schankweiler is always on the ball with the task at hand, and she is one who cleans until clean up is completely through. As a leader, this is a job to see!

In three days, we will begin our long journey to Malawi. Our team is excited and we are ready for Africa! Thank you all for the time and support you have put into these teens. They are a joy to lead , and we love them as our own!s

Faith Widman – Bootcamp has been an amazing experience. I have been able to learn how to praise, follow, and obey God better. I am getting excited to go for Malawi Africa, because I want to impact peoples life with the Word of God and help build a bathroom stall for the people.

Kathryn Jesperson – Boot Camp is a time to focus on others. From the very first day, I’ve been learning that if I waste all my thoughts and all my time on myself, I won’t grow in God and I will discourage others from growing as well. But if I treasure Jesus first above everything else and make the conscious choice to esteem others greater than myself, Christ will be glorified in my life. This is my prayer for everyday, and with God’s help, I can do all things!


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  1. Brenda and Larry Fast

    Take good care of one another–and Never Give Up.
    Godspeed to you one and all. You are in our prayers and our hearts.

    Emmanuel–Brenda and Larry Fast

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