Panama Is Ready To Go!

13008 PanamaTwo more days left of Boot Camp! Today is the last day of classes for the team as tomorrow and Saturday we will be busy with Mission’s Conference, Boot Camp Olympics, and pack out.

Yesterday when the team ran the OC, we got 22 out of 24 team members over the Wall and it was amazing to see them all work so well together. The team put together the World Map today and the kids did great assembling all of North and South America, and Australia, most of Africa, and much of Europe and Asia. We also won the Godliness and Brainstorming awards last night, so we’ll get to swim in the pool again.

Natalie Gerdes and Renae White are working on mini sermons to be used on the field, so please pray that the Lord will guide them as they prepare to lead others spiritually. Josh Qualls and Tyler Swanson have begun to share their testimonies with the team and have agreed to incorporate their experiences in our presentation for Panama. Jake O’Donnells’s ankle is much better, which we are all excited about, so thank you for lifting him up in prayer. Blisters are also almost completely gone.

Please pray for the leadership of Team Panama, as well as the kids as we enter a stressful next few days when we get things ready for travel. Please also pray for the people of Panama and the missionaries as they prepare to receive us. The next team report will be from the field!

Brittany Murphree – Two more days until we leave, Boot Camp has been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun!! The Panama team has grown together and are becoming united! We are all excited to be done with training, and to see what God has to us in Panama!

Lexie Melching – Recently, I realized I am weak and unable to do anything. However, through my weakness, God can show his strength. I am just here to prove it.




  1. Anxiously awaiting a status update on the Panama Team…..

  2. Praying for you guys! Vikki and Shannon, you rock!

  3. I’m so proud of Natalie! God is definitely working in her life through this experience. I love that girl so much! I am praying for Team Panama!!

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