Scotland Is Ready To Go!

Just two more days to go then our team will be headed to Scotland. So far the good weather has held out and if all goes well, we might have more sun on pack-out day. But God does like to challenge His children and it is Florida, so rain could always happen. On Friday night we will be celebrating the completion of Early Boot Camp with a giant pizza party complete with a 500 gallon fresh strawberry milkshake. I am certain everyone is excited about having a frosty cold beverage after two weeks without. I imagine there might be a few ice cream headaches tomorrow night! On Saturday night we will be leaving for the airport promptly following our Commissioning rally. After a short bus trip to Orlando, we will have a decent layover waiting at the airport for our flight that leaves on Sunday. We will fly from Orlando to Philidelphia before going across the the Atlantic to Scotland. From there we will hire a charter bus to Arboreth where we will start the first part of the summer’s projects. Our team members are continuing to show great positivity and maturity throughout our last days of Boot Camp. They are learning two very good dramas that will help us in sharing the message of the Gospel while in the UK. We are also finishing up Evangelism classes today where we have learned key strategies in witnessing. Please lift us in prayer as we¬†prepare to depart with all the final details of packing and traveling as they are brought to completion.

Kimi Barton – Boot Camp is going great! Finally, we’re at three days left! I really can’t wait to leave for Scotland.

Chris Slaughter – I am excited to know that Boot Camp is almost over. I am nervous that Scotland will be difficult.


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