Zambia Is Ready For Zambia!

13010 ZambiaThursday brought the last day of classes for Team Zambia. Our team is in great spirits as they anticipate Commissioning and our overseas project. We as a team are becoming a much more unified unit. In sharing SB’s, sweat and responsibilities, the team is learning that when one person fails, we all share the burden. Through the discipline of SB training, the team continues to have a joyful attitude by singing and encouraging one another. Ayla Yager and Andy Faulkner always have an encouraging word of affirmation, whether it’s “good job” or just a high five. Elizabeth Slabaugh and Cambrie Seip are the “constant smiles and hugs” to brighten every day at Boot Camp. Our quiet team members are starting to feel comfortable with our team and sharing and praying as well and those team members are: Laura Beals, Lauren Kiska, and Taylor Hickin.

Today our team ran the Obstacle Course and managed to get all team members over the wall without a disqualification. Perry Metzler, Ethan Kanagy, Wesley Walton, and Andrew Faulkner have been our muscle and worked very hard with lifting and pulling our team over the wall day after day. Spiritually, our team is praying and lifting each other up daily. Wonderful kids must have great parents!!

Elizabeth Slabaugh – Here at the Lord’s Boot Camp I have learned a lot! I have learned so much from all the construction, puppet, drama, and music classes. But most of all, there have been so many wonderful speakers in Bible classes and evening rallies. Everyday I am constantly convicted of what the speaker is saying to us. The Lord has been doing so much in my life, and even though Boot Camp may be tough, I feel so much more prepared to go to Zambia!

Micah Winget – Boot Camp has been fun but I can’t wait to get to the field. I have learned so much here. I love the rallies. Our team is getting along very well. God has showed me that it’s not all about me and that I should listen to Him more.





  1. Donna Daugherty

    We are praying all the time for this great team and what our GREAT God is going to do through them!

  2. Team Zambia must have great leaders too!!!! We are praying for all of you. Give everyone our love and hugs from us!

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