Ireland’s Adventures At Boot Camp

14 IrelandYou will be pleased to know that our team has settled in and is thriving at the Lord’s Boot Camp! Our team has spent the last few days becoming acquainted with Teen Missions and also with each other. The busy schedule, bathing in buckets, living in tents, doing their own laundry and just being away from home has been a culture shock for some. All are welcoming the challenge though and are increasing in faith and drawing closer to God. This past weekend was very involved due to the Missions Conference that took place.  All teams were given the opportunity to hear sermons and testimonies from seasoned missionaries about reaching the homeless, outreach through evangelistic films, and  reaching others through the Motorcycle Sunday School Ministry. The 500-gallon strawberry milkshake and alligator pizza were a delicious treat welcomed by all our team mates.
Today, the hard part of Boot Camp (running the OC, attending construction classes and evangelism classes and serving SB’s) began. Although our team is still adjusting to the long days and packed schedule, we as leaders are confident that our team will be equipped physically, mentally and spiritually when we are commissioned in less than two weeks to serve the Lord in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We have been blessed with a compassionate, respectful and motivated team and we thank you for sending your sons and daughters, your most precious earthly treasures, into our care for the summer. Hopefully, you are getting some quick peeks at your children during the Boot Camp rallies that are broadcasted live each night.
Tiffany Dyck – “I spent weeks looking at pictures of faces I didn’t know. All I knew were their names and that we would all be doing the same thing this summer. A few days ago, I got to meet those faces and I found myself wondering what we could possibly have in common. I missed my team from last year. Could it ever be that good again? Today, I found out that, yes, it is that good again. I thank God for the wonderful team that He has put together and also for the amazing leaders He has given us.  We have been truly blessed.”
Eliza Merritt – “As an FTM (former team member), I thought Boot Camp would be a piece of cake the second time around.  But again this year, I have found myself at the end of my supply of strength and joy. But that’s the beauty of Boot Camp. It helps us remember that where we end, God wants to begin!  And it’s awesome!!  Please pray for our safety and help with homesickness.”




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