Indonesia Combines With Indiana For Boot Camp

Indiana & IndonesiaGreetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp! Patrick Dove and Lauren Garcia are doing well and are getting along just fine. Saturday was Early Boot Camp Commissioning and the Olympics; all of the games required a full team, but wait, we only have two, so how did we participate? Indonesia ran with Early Boot Camp Malawi team as they were the smallest team next to us with 10 members. Some of the games included Wheelbarrow Relay, Flush the Duck, the Peanut 500, and Marshmallow Mashup. Lauren participated in the Peanut 500 and Flush the Duck—although we didn’t win those she had lots of fun. Patrick participated in the Wheelbarrow Relay and the Marshmallow Mashup and he was one of the two finalists, tying first place with India. As of right now, Indonesia has joined forces with Indiana so that  Patrick and Lauren can fellowship with some other kids. The move has also given Lauren a chance to spend time with other girls. Sunday morning was the day of the Obstacle Course instruction and the Indio team did so well—they got all but two members over the Wall, including Patrick and Lauren. Please continue to pray for the two teams in that they would grow spiritually in the Lord.

Lauren Garcia – I have learned from Boot Camp that even if I feel alone, I am not. Also, that baby powder is super helpful. Boot Camp has helped me to realize that my faith is not as strong as I would like it to be, but with the help of the Lord and Teen Missions staff, I am sure it will grow stronger by the day. Boot Camp has also helped me to realize that we are all here because God has big plans for us, all of us.

Patrick Dove – This is my third year with Teen Missions and I didn’t really prepare myself mentally or spiritually due to the fact that I figured it would be easy seeing how this is my third year. However, when I arrived I realized how unprepared I was and wished that I would have done more to be ready. The first night in my tent, I prayed that God would help me get in the right mindset and learn a lot during the summer. After a few a good devotions, I know that God is helping me to grow closer to Him.


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