Ecuador Is Doing Great At Boot Camp!

12 Ecuador
Greetings to family and friends from the Ecuador team! All is going well here at the Lord’s Boot Camp (BC) and our 16 members (and four leaders) are learning quickly how to be a team! The first few days were super busy with registering the team members, an introduction to the ministries here at Teen Missions, including the free Florida Bible and Missionary Work Training Center, Motorcycle Sunday School Missions, and Evangelistic films that TMI has filmed through the years.  On Saturday, we began our morning with the TMI Olympics and had a fun time with all kinds of games! We enjoyed a strawberry milkshake and alligator pizza before rally. Saturday night was an exciting night as Early Boot Camp teams were commissioned and left for their overseas teams. We were part of the honor guard who lined the sidewalks holding candles and lighting the path to the buses. It was an exciting night and we look forward to our own Commissioning in two weeks!! The team gets along very well, and we’re encouraged and confident that your kids are going to be a fantastic team who gives the message of Jesus to the people of Ecuador. We are excited to be able to work with them. THANK YOU for sharing them with us. Pray for continued unity, for endurance, and for spiritual growth.
Kitty McKay – I was born into a Christian home home with a pastor for a dad. My five siblings and I were home schooled and had devotions every day. I accepted Christ at the age of 5 but found myself praying repeatedly that God would accept me. When I was around, my sister got sick and in order to keep her alive and get the help she needed, we moved to Michigan. My dad moved to a different church and we began to start a life there. I started going to public school and made friends there instead of my church. I continued having doubts about my relationship with God. I knew He was calling me to Teen Missions. After coming to TMI, I no longer had doubts and I got baptized when I returned home. However, I struggled  with having non Christian friends and decided I needed new friends and that was definitely a challenge. I’m praying a lot about Christian friends and now I’m here hoping my relationship with the Lord will grow even more.

James Bagans – Being a FTM (a former team member), I came here knowing what Boot Camp can do to you. Last year, I was on the Cameroon team and I heard God calling me to missions more strongly than ever.  I had said I was ready to give up everything for Christ, but my fervor and passion fizzled out after only a couple of months. The reason this happened is because my heart was not right. I was saved, but I still loved my sin. It really hurt to serve God because I constantly wished I could do what I wanted. Therefore, my resolve did not last long because when I kept making exceptions for my flesh and loving it, I stopped focusing on God. Last night, I unconditionally, fully, surrendered to God. I gave him my heart, my mind, my soul, my everything. I renounced my sin and the Lord gave me a hatred for it. I knew before that I needed to give 100% of myself either to serve myself or to serve God. I was too scared to live a life of utter abandon so I lived to please myself for months. Last night was the night I decided to change. God deserves my everything, and that is what I’m going to give Him. There’s no turning back now. I want to be one of Jesus’ “good and faithful servants.”  Matt 25:21




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