Cameroon Is Loving Boot Camp!

23 Cameroon
Hello from the Cameroon Team at the Lord’s Boot camp! We are still anxiously waiting for Annelise Baker to join us, but otherwise we have all arrived safely. We have made it through registration and orientation and are beginning to settle in. We are all sweating more than normal, are getting eaten alive by bugs, but are having a GREAT time. Our team is working very well together, encouraging one another and helping each other out. During the past few days we have all been learning the rules of Boot Camp and the expectations while we are here. We had our first run of the Obstacle Course (OC) yesterday, which resulted in many wet team members. The OC is challenging to everyone on the team, but because team work is mandatory, it is causing us all to learn how to work together better as a team.  Team members are also beginning to appreciate some of the qualities that the other team members contribute to the team. A couple of them are: leadership skills offered by Michael Hartsfield; he has been extremely helpful and encouraging to everyone on the team, Keisha Lazenby, who has a sense of humor that keeps the whole team laughing and in good spirits, and Emma Armstrong, who overcame great obstacles during the team Olympics with the teams’ support. This played an important role in promoting team unity during in the first few days of Boot amp.
Samuel Smith –  Here at Boot camp it’s a lot of fun. But it can be really hard too. I’m gonna miss it though. It’s going by so fast! Being with other youth for the same reasons, you’ll eventually start to forget about the smell, sweat and heat.  I think that this will all make us all stronger people, and stronger as a team. We all miss our family, but we all have a family here too—our team, and God. I think thats what helps us get by. Oh, and the food. Its so good!
Keisha Lazenby – I overcame my biggest fear while running the Obstacle Course. I am not fit at all and extremely afraid of heights. So when I was challenged with the task of climbing Jacob’s ladder, I was ready to quit. I got about half way up and I wanted to climb back down when one of my leaders stopped everything and prayed with me. I was still scared, but I had this rush of endurance. I’m also so thankful for the old couple that stayed with me the whole time. God does amazing things! ~ Keisha Lazenby


  1. Debbie Tahtinen

    I’m so excited to see you all together. I am praying for you all many times a day. Tell those boys, especially Tyler to be gentlemen and helping the girls out!! 🙂 Will be praying for Annelise to arrive.

  2. Jensen-Looks like you are having fun. I am very excited and proud of you, you have made an incredible choice to spend your summer serving others. Learn, smile, teach, be taught, and work hard. Jer. 29-11

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