Hello From The Uganda Team!

16 Uganda

Hello from the Uganda team!  All the team members have arrived safely and are all doing well.  Everyone is settled in their tents and we’ve made it through registration. We’ve been going through the orientation classes and everyone is getting the hand of all the rules. On Saturday (June 22), all the teams here at Boot Camp did a fun event called the TMI Olympics. David Wilcox has some mad hops. He did the sack relay and we’ve never seen someone jump so high or so far before! Way to go! Friday night we got to eat fresh hot alligator pizza and super cold  strawberry milkshakes- a delicacy here at Boot Camp. Ashley McCain volunteered with four helpers (Jonah Schwartz, Harmony Shropshire, Christal Kendall, and Emilie Geib) to be the “Ketchup Queen”. They designed the Ugandan flag in her hair using ketchup/potato mix mixture and other natural materials like leaves and flowers. Even though we did not win the “Ketchup Queen” contest against the other teams, we sure did have a lot of fun. We are looking forward to starting the Obstacle Course on Monday. We know the team members will do great. Here are a few words from a couple of the team members.

Sydney Martin – Wow! I get to live in tents for the WHOLE summer! It’s like a dream come true.”
Noah Warren — I love the training and hard work. Sweating a lot, GOD BLESS!”





  1. So excited for what God is going to do in you and through you. We are praying for you, team members and leaders. We love you, Sydney. So happy to hear that you’re enjoying the tent!

  2. What a great looking team!! Way to go guys we are proud of you and praying for you!

  3. Julius needs to smile…..he really has a great one. Go team Uganda we are praying for every single one of you guys

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