Philippines Is Adjusting Well To Boot Camp!

The Philippines team has arrived at Boot Camp and we are doing great! We are really getting to know each other and appreciate your prayers that we will become close as a team during these next few weeks of Boot Camp.

The past few days have been busy with getting settled in and doing orientation classes. We attended the Mission Conference and participated in the TMI  Olympics. This was a great time of bringing the team together.

Early Boot Camp was commissioned last night. We had orientation classes today and ran the Obstacle Course. Everyone did a great job of encouraging each other.

We are excited about being able to go to the Philippines. Pray for us as Boot Camp is hard and some are homesick, but we know it will bring us closer to the Lord and each there.


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  1. Philippians team you are in my thoughts and prayers EVERYDAY!
    I am proud of each of you for taking on this challenge and listening and following where God has asked you to serve.

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