The U.S. Team Is Bonding At Boot Camp!

Indiana & Indonesia
A big hello from the Indiana Team!  Although Boot Camp has just begun the team has been very blessed. The first night we won the clean award—and the prize was a refreshing swim in the pool!  However, last night we nearly got ‘piggie’ (we were the second dirtiest team!) with a score of 60/100. We’ll definitely be more organized from now on, ’cause there is no way we’re gonna get stuck cleaning the Boot Camp bathrooms!
God has been good to us as leaders and has blessed us with an amazing group of kids. Everyone’s getting along, and our time together is full of laughter. They work together well during the Obstacle course—all they need to do now is get their books of the Bible straight! There have been some struggles, frustrations and hard times, but those are the things God uses to shape us according to His will, and already our team members are visibly maturing in the Christ. We’re very excited to see how the Lord is going to use us this summer.
Ben H. – Bootcamp… I won’t lie, it’s HOT!  Running the OC (Obstacle Course) is a blast. Growing closer as a team and closer to God is a great part of Boot Camp!
 Vera G. – “This is my first time at Boot Camp. I have really bad blisters, but I know God’s with me so I will get through, especially the OC (Obstacle Course). I can’t wait to see how God’s going to use me in the future on this trip.




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