Australia Is Adjusting To Boot Camp

11 Australia
As we begin the third official day of Boot Camp (and the fourth day of being here for some kids), all of us, leaders and teens, are beginning to smell a little worse. The first two days of registration were a whirlwind of chaos and running here and there. The teens remained positive for the most part as us leaders would run them from place to place.
Friday night our team experienced their first (or second for Tristan Will and Hannah Jenkins) TMI 500-gallon milkshake and pizza party. We all ate too much and left with full bellies. Teen Missions asked for five girls to compete in the Ketchup Queen challenge. Now parents, this is as disgusting as it sounds. Mia Sivilla volunteered as our Queen and kept a smile on her face as Emily Howe, Emma Maples, Allie Padgett, and Jordan Saxon proceeded to create a “lovely” hairstyle using sticks, palm branches, flowers, and ketchup mixed with instant potato powder. She walked across the stage as all of Super Boot Camp admired her hair and the hair of the other contestants.
Saturday we spent most of the time in orientation classes learning about the policies, Bible school, motorcycle mission, and various other aspects of Teen Missions. Our team had to wake up extra early because we were on kitchen duty. We had to leave classes early and arrive late in order to help with serving each meal. The team enjoyed the air-conditioning during some of the meetings, but had to be nudged to stay awake. Saturday we also competed in the Boot Camp Olympics. Saturday night we assisted in the Commissioning service of the Early Boot Camp. Josh Wilkin was our flag runner, which meant he ran down the aisle and in front of all of Boot Camp with the Australian flag.
Sunday morning our whole team was looking their best as we headed to church. It was a great service, but the kids were starting to feel the effects of waking up early and walking for nearly the whole day. Later on that day we ran the Obstacle Course for the first time, and Matt Hearn and myself (Ashley Evans) ran with the kids. We ended up disqualifying but I think we did decent for our first time. We didn’t complete the books of the Bible in time, but most of our members managed to get over the Slough Of Despair without falling in. As our team encountered Jacob’s Ladder, Brianna Goodwin, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Anderson, and Logan Purdom amazed me as they overcame their fear of heights and completed that part of the obstacle. Our team then made it to the final part of the OC course, the Wall. We accidentally cheated, but our whole team made it over! You can’t really understand what an accomplishment this is unless you have done the Teen Missions OC. Some of our success is due to Ronan VanBuskirk and Cameron Johnson who did a great job getting all their team members and their two leaders over the wall.
The teens are overall impressing me with their positive attitudes despite using a bucket to shower, do laundry, and flush the toilet, the heat and humidity of Florida, and the difficulties of running the Obstacle Course.These kids are all great and I can’t wait to get to know them more over the next two months.
Allie Padgett –¬†Boot Camp has been tough but fun. We don’t have any running water, so we use lake water for almost everything. The walking around everywhere for most of the day is what kills me the most, but I enjoy it most of the time. I haven’t run the O.C. yet, but I am looking forward to it (I think so anyways). The food is good, most of the time. “Showers” here aren’t even close to what we consider a shower at home. We use buckets and take bucket baths. The team is really really awesome, I honestly wouldn’t have asked for anyone better. So overall, through all the goods and bads here at bootcamp, I really do enjoy everything.
“Mia” Sivilla’s Report-
I am having an amazing time at Boot Camp. I have so many new friends from all over the world! Bath and laundry time are probably the best part of Boot Camp, but I am still getting used to the meals. At home we get snacks, while here at Boot Camp we get three hardy meals a day and we must eat it all. So I am still trying to get used to it. I miss everyone at home and can’t wait to see you guys! Love Mia





  1. Tanya and Justin McClintic,

    We are so proud of you guys. Keep up the good work. God has wonderful plans for each of you.

  2. I am so proud of all our young kids that are sacrificing their summer for this wonderful life changing mission for God!! You are all missed and loved terribly!! Keep marching on!!

  3. David and Holly San Miguel

    Keep up the good work Matthew San Miguel and Team Australia!! Can’t wait to hear from you Matt, we are all so proud of you!!!

  4. Yay!!! You guys are doing a great job! It’s good to see the beautiful, smiling faces! WTG Marie and Scott, for bring such awesome parents of your girl Jordan! <3

  5. LaVonya Johnson

    Get job everyone!

  6. WTG Team Australia! We watched the team swing over the Slough, and we impressed! Keep doing what you
    are doing! We are proud of you, Jordan!

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