Italy Has Arrived!

13005 Italy

Traveling greetings!

It’s crazy to say Boot Camp is already over and we have arrived in Italy!! Thursday was the last day on normal schedule, and the following two days were more than eventful. Friday night, all of Super Boot Camp had arrived, making a very full camp. The 500-gallon milkshake and pizza party were the highlight of the evening. On Saturday they had final classes and final pack out which consisted of weighing all the luggage and taking down the entire team campsite.

Much thanks to the other leaders and loving families who came to help, and supplied such blessings for the team. We had our Commissioning Saturday night and flew from Miami to Dusseldorf, Germany. From there we transfered flights and finally arrived in beautiful Florence, Italy.

The team is now settling into our tents at the location of Christ Is The Answer and everyone is pretty jet lagged. Please be praying for our evangelism and presentations, the communication between the team and locals, and for the health of the team.

We are excited to see what God has in store for us here! Chow for now!

Ryan Vance – My time at Boot Camp has taught me a lot. It was tough at times, but I knew I could get through it by some of the scriptures I read during my morning devotions. There were some verses that really hit home. I believe that when I go home many things will chang for the better.

Hannah Jump – Teen Missions has been such a blessing in my life and it’s only been a couple of weeks! I have learned so much more about Christ’s Word and how to serve others here. I have loved getting to knkow my team and I am so excited to be able to share God’s word along side them this summer!



  1. WooHoo!!!! Grazie for the update! Much appreciated- will be praying for the things mentioned above. May the Lord bless you each and as the Holy Spirit goes before to prepare the hearts of those you encounter be strengthened by His grace, peace & love. What an amazing King we serve that even language isn’t a barrier for the hearts God opens!!!! My love to each of you!!! Shout out to my Shalen- you are loved!!! Ciao-Peggy Sue

  2. So proud of all of you. We will be praying for you all and the lost souls you will reach. Chow.

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