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27 Madagascar


Hello from all of us on the Madagascar team here at Boot Camp. Our team is doing very well despite getting the “Pig Award” on the second night of rally. Yes, we got to wear the signs and clean the bathrooms and now we are more motivated than ever not to end up with the “Pig Award” again. We have had some busy first days filled with Mission’s Conference, alligator pizza, strawberry milkshakes and celebrating commissioning with all the Early Boot Camp teams.

Sunday we had a church service just before we ran the Obstacle Course for the first time. Everyone did very well and made it to the wall with time to get most of the team over.

Today we started getting into more of a routine schedule with classes in music, drama, phonics, motorcycle training and bath and laundry each day. We also have our first day helping out with KP today. The team is also very excited to get the chance to ride the motorbikes today! Only two team members have ever ridden before. We have ordered our leather jackets for when we ride in Madagascar.

It has been fun getting to know each one on team, everyone is healthy and happy and eager to
begin training. We have a great group of teens who work well together.

Bella Mckay – The first three days have been tiring, but fun. We have been so busy having fun we haven’t bathed. We “won” the pig, and learned a lot about how messy the bathrooms can be. Nevertheless, Boot Camp is a blast and we are looking forward to another fun filled two weeks.

Hunter Hebenstreit – Boot Camp so far has been quite the experience! Despite the bugs, sweat and early wake up, we have managed to grow strong as a team. I know that by the end of this we will be practically family. Most importantly, I have already been growing in my relationship with God. I am really excited for the rest of my trip.



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