The Adventures Of The Peru Team!

17 Peru
Greetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp! Since arrival day on Thursday and Friday, the Peru team has been kept busy. After Registration and some classes on Friday, the team enjoyed a treat….pizza and a 500-gallon strawberry milkshake! On Saturday, the team enjoyed Boot Camp Olympics with Early and Super Boot Camp. It was competitive but the team enjoyed learning to work together. 🙂 Saturday night was Early Boot Camp Commissioning and the Peru team served a Special Blessing by directing the cars in the parking lot and showing the visitors where to go. We were told that it was the best job the staff has seen in years! They were awarded the “Godliness Award” because of it and will get to enjoy the pool today as a result! Clare Cook was the flag runner for the Commissioning service and she did a fantastic job on running the Peru flag onto the stage. On Sunday they had Obstacle Course Orientation and ran it for the first time. Over half of the team fell in the slough, but all of them had great attitudes! Hannah Brubaker jumped for the rope and and made it across! All of the team members made it over the wall. The entire team enjoyed bathing (even if it was a bucket bath!) later in the afternoon. Everyone is doing well and adjusting quickly! Thank you for your prayers, they are appreciated!!

Jessica Wiggins – Boot Camp. It is tough, but totally worth it—he classes, the people, the rallies, and even sleeping in tents and waking up at 5:30 a.m.! I enjoy my devotion time because I learn a lot and I enjoy growing more in the Lord! I thank God I get to go to Peru. My team is pretty great, too!
Antoinette Spaulding – So, I’m a first timer at Teen Missions and so far I’m enjoying it. At first, I was afraid of what I saw on the updates online, but what I’ve realized so far is that electronics are not more important than anything and as a teenager I’ve allowed them to revolve around me. But as I’ve had to put electronics away and solely only have God to rely on, I’ve been able to see that God is in front of everything and I should not allow electronics to consume my time. I’ve found myself getting closer with God and discovering his plan for me and I love it!

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    I miss you amelia. 🙂

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