Panama – From A National Missionary

13008 Panama
They arrived well at the Inernational Airport. They spent the night there and there we went to Kuna Island about 4:30 am Panama times. Arrived the port about 7:30 at the Port but started raining like cats and dogs. We waited till it stopped raining. The team left the Port about 10:30am towards okopsukun where Omar (missionary)  was waiting. They arrived about 4:30. They all fine. Everything went Perfect!! Thanks God for that! With love in Christ.


  1. Thanks for update. God Bless them. Can I email a teen?

    • Dexter, Email is only available during Boot Camp and Debrief and the email address is on our website under 2013 Mission Trips.

  2. Cynthia Feenstra

    So happy to hear this. I was hoping to hear news of their arrival, but am aware that there is no electricity on the island, so I wasn’t too sure how that would happen. Looking forward to hearing the great things the Lord does through these young ambassadors to Jesus!

  3. Thanks the Lord for a safe trip. Our grandson Brandon is in this group 🙂

  4. Prayers to all of them. I am so glad they made it safely.

  5. Thankful you all arrived safely. Praying for you all.

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