The India Team Is Settling In

13006 India

Today is the day we settled into our new home for the next ten days at the orphanage. It has been a nice hot India day! To out surprise, our dorm rooms are laced with fans!! Praise The Lord!!!  We were able to have a fairly relaxed morning and afternoon. We cleaned out our dorms, organized our duffels, did our verse review we are on verse 16! , and everyone got a nice needed shower. The kitchen patrol didn’t have it that easy though , Savannah, Katie, and Lydia tackled the kitchen. They cleaned and scrubbed, organized all the food and are ready to serve the best gourmet meals for the rest of the summer!!! At this moment we are anxiously awaiting for the orphans to arrive!!!!  Our work project begins tomorrow! We will be block laying one side of a building while others clear some of the fields. Prayers are needed in the health department as everyone is acclimating themselves to this weather and culture. We are praying BIG prayers for our time here India, expecting Him it do immeasurably more that we could ever Imagine. Let the journey begin!!!

Emily Brumbelow – With this being my third year at Teen Missions, I thought it would be pretty easy, but the devil was really against me going to India. I was sick most of Boot Camp and was having a difficult time, but I had so much support from my leaders and team, especially our team nurse, Meleena Ordway. God really pushed me through the last couple days through Boot Camp. I was finally was able fully participate with the team . All of the sickness is worth it now, being in India and seeing all the need! I am very excited to begin working and helping out the people here in India.

David Elrod – On the flight from Frankfort to Delhi, I got to talk with Sikh man for about an hour. He told me about how he was from India but moved to the U.S. to make a better life for his family I had a wonderful time talking with him. I shared about Jesus Christ with him. I’m not sure how he took it, but I certainly hope he thinks about it and acts on it. So far the trip has been different from my previous mission trips, but never the less still very good.


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