The Philippines Adventures At Boot Camp!


18 PhilippinesGreetings from the The Philippines team! We have had a great couple of days. We are growing closer together as a team and it is great to see them really encouraging each other. It is exciting to see that when some of the faster team members are done with the Obstacle Course, they go back and cheer the rest of the team on!

We have been able to swim in the pool once for the “Godliness Award”. We are still working on our cleanliness to be able to win the pool for that! With 32 on the team, it can be a challenge! Classes began on Monday with one of the favorites being drama! We definitely have some dramatic team members! 🙂  We have had carpentry, layout and concrete as well as music and phonics classes. It is good to get a variety of classes since we will be doing a variety of things in the Philippines.

The team had KP (Kitchen Patrol) on Tuesday and enjoyed serving the Boot Camp and washing the kitchen dishes. It gave us another opportunity to learn to work together.

We are also taking time in the Prayer Closet. Teen Mission has a prayer closet where someone prays for one hour at a time, during the day.

The lady leaders have been enjoying cooking classes and making things like mac and cheese, tortillas, and will make cinnamon rolls! Yum!

Some of our Former Team Members were able to go to the airport to help with receiving the Preteens who were arriving for their Boot Camp.

We are nursing some blisters, but besides that, everyone is healthy.

Only nine more days of Boot Camp left! Thank you for your prayers for team unity and good health.

Matt Alfaya – When I first came to TMI, I told Jesus to change me from the inside out. The first rally of Boot Camp, the message really hit home to me. The speaker was talking about how we need to allow God to change us and the song was called “Create in Me A Clean Heart”. It was a prayer on asking God to create a new life in our heart. God Bless!
Caitlin Cheesboro – God has been humbling me a lot at Boot Camp. I’ve always been someone who doesn’t like rules I don’t see a reason for, or getting in trouble for something that wasn’t my fault. The Lord has been teaching me to trust Him when I don’t understand, and that the most important thing is to bring Him the honor and glory in all I do, not prove myself right.



  1. Thank you so much for these updates!! I’ve been loving the pictures and videos also. Keep up the good work Team Philippines!! We’re praying for you!!

  2. Great job working together team, We here at home in Renfrew, Pa are praying for all of you. Love and miss my girls, God is good..

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