Zambia Is Eager To Start Work On The Bridge

13010 Zambia Team Pic

After many airplane rides and a long bus trip, we arrived at the Teen Missions base in Ndola, Zambia. We were greeted at the gate by the Bible school students singing and clapping for us. It was a welcome sight to have dinner prepared for us and our tents set up as it was almost dark when we pulled in. Three duffle bags did not arrive with us, but we were assured that the bags would be flown to Ndola’s airport as soon as possible. Laura was the only one to miss her bag, but the team has been wonderful in sharing and giving her what she needs. The team was barely able to keep their eyes open during the six-hour bus ride to the base, but those who did were able to take some awesome pictures of the people and countryside of Zambia. After dinner Tuesday night, the team was eager to crawl into their sleeping bags at eight PM. Wednesday morning brought air that we could see our breath in and sent the team scrambling for their warm clothes. We made a trip into town to buy food, tools, and supplies. Wesley, Abby, Peter, Andy, Cambrie, Laura, J.J., and Ty travelled into into town with us to experience a little of the local culture. Those team members who stayed at the base were able to bathe and play with the native kids. Lauren, Gwen, Izzy, and Ethan especially made friends in the young children. They sang songs, played hide-and-seek, and rolled tires as a game with them. The little ones enjoyed their pictures being taken. Ethan carried kids on his shoulders. In addition, Kiana was able to cook with some local women on base. Thursday, we are finishing purchasing supplies and tools in town. Judah will be going along to help. We will be packing up the kitchen and the food for out in the bush. The kids will be busy helping with chores on the base. Andrew will be heading up the thrashing crew, Claire the weeding crew, and Joy the fertilizing crew. Ayla is helping in the kitchen doing packing and washing. Because of the one day delay, we will have to work harder to get caught up. The bridge is much needed to get back and forth when it rains. Friday, we will be driving six hours by truck to an AIDS orphan unit where our building project will be. We will be in contact for Monday’s report via internet or phone.


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