A Day In The Life Of The Madagascar Team

2027 Madagascar OC10 More Days! 10 More Days! 10 More Days!

We have had an exciting week and the days are going by so fast! Our schedule keeps us busy.

5:30 Wakeup
6:15 Obstacle Course
6:45 Breakfast
7:30 Personal Devotions
8:00 Bible Hour
10:00 Phonics
11:00 Drama
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Brainstorming
1:15 Motorcycle Training
4:15 Bath & Laundry
5:30 Supper
7:15 Rally
9:30 Lights Out

If you have been watching the rallies live each night, you would have seen our team win the cleanliness award on Tuesday night. So on Wednesday we had our first chance to swim in the pool! Very exciting! Our score has been getting better each night (we started with a score of 61, brought it up to 91, and we are hoping to get a perfect 100 before the end of Boot Camp). Winning the pool a few more times would be nice too.

The last two mornings on the Obstacle Course we have gotten 15 out of 16 over the wall. We could not figure out how we are going to get the last person over. The rules are that once you have gone over the wall you are not allowed to help lift anyone else over, so the last person has to get over without any help from the people on the ground. Our tallest guys, Wyatt Castle and Zach Campbell, have tried but were unable to even though we had time to spare. Finally, this morning, Wyatt was able to grab onto Zach’s boot to pull himself up enough for Caleb Owens to grab his wrist and they got him over with 30 seconds to spare. Cache Anderson has a great story to tell about the day he fell into the Slough after making it over, not letting go of the rope, falling backward and totally submerging himself in the Slough. He was able to laugh it off and was able to change clothes soon after.

The team is doing an outstanding job in Drama class. They are learning quickly and perfecting their techniques. They may be asked to perform it in front of the whole Boot Camp one evening during rally. Motorcycle training is going well. We have only had to replace a few clutch handles:)

A little about the leaders:

Joe Vile –
Joe had a birthday Wednesday, he turned 72! Today is his 49 wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary Joe & Sandy! Joe has lead 38 teams! He is a retired school teacher and loves working with teenagers. He has led several motorcycle teams and has been training the motorcycle teams at Boot Camp for several years.

Christine Wald –
Christine has been on staff with Teen Missions for 12 years and has led 12 teams. She has been on two motorcycle teams. She has a heart for missions and loves leading teams to Africa. She lived in Malawi for two years and is currently serving in the Graphics Department in Florida. She is busy during Boot Camp with printing literature to go overseas and taking and posting pictures and videos on Facebook and YouTube for parents.

Andrew Manche –
Andrew is a Bible School student at Teen Missions. He is having a birthday on Friday. He just finished leading a Peanut team (7-9 year olds) and this will be his first time leading a teen team. He went on the MSSM motorcycle team to Zambia in 2011. He is a part of the Preteen music team and is one of the Boot Camp lifeguards.

Natalia Lebo –
Natalia is also a Bible School student at Teen Missions. She lead her first team to Israel last summer and went as a team member to Haiti in 2011. She is very organized and keeps up with all the paperwork that we have to complete at Boot Camp. She is also part of the music team for rally, works with the Video Department and is one of the Boot Camp lifeguards.

A few words from the team:

Caleb Owens – Boot Camp has been amazing if I had to describe it in one word. The classes have been very good and my team works well together. The leaders are the best leaders I’ve ever had. Riding our dirt bikes has been my favorite part of the whole week. I am having a blast and hope that time will slow down for a bit.

Heidi Gerstenkorn – Not gonna lie, the first couple of days have been a bit tough. Now that I’m used to the heat and schedule, I’m having a great time getting to know my team! We even won the pool today! My leaders are awesome and fun to talk to. The best class is taking the dirt bikes out because it is so much fun! Praise God for this great opportunity.


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