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11 Australia
So as the days have continued on and some of the excitement of being here has dissipated and homesickness has started setting in. Despite this, our team seems to be settling into the Boot Camp routine well. They are mastering the art of bucket bathing and laundry, as well as running the Obstacle Course (despite us disqualifying each time so far).  Our typical day consists of a 5:30am wake up where the teens have ten minutes to be changed and outside of their tents ready for the day. We make a quick pit stop by the bathroom and then report to “Rapture Practice”. This is where we count off, hang the flags of teams that won an award the night before, and listen to some jokes. Then we prep for the OC. Our team has continued to push their hardest through this, and Emma Maples successfully made it over the slough for the first time yesterday, which was very exciting!
After the OC, we literally run to breakfast in order to eat and clean our dishes before personal devos. We then spend 30 minutes in quiet time with God to slow down before the start of the day. At 8 o’clock, the classes all begin. We have “Shake The World” where Bob Bland (the director) speaks followed by an Orientation class. At 10am the classes move to drama where the teacher takes the kids out of their comfort zones. The teams have done very well with the drama and all of us leaders are pleasantly surprised. After drama is free time, where as long we haven’t gotten the piggy award or a special blessing training (sb), the kids can clean up, write letters, read, etc. Unfortunately, we got the piggy award last night, so our free time today will be spent praising the Lord as we clean the bathrooms. Lunch follows at 12 where the kids use the down time to memorize their memory verses.
So after lunch our team has brainstorming. They have come up with some spectacular ideas, but we have yet to win the award. Post brainstorming are bath and laundry time, which I know most of the kids like the best. At 2:10 we head to block laying, then puppets or music class, and then some sort of construction class such as digging, trusses, concrete, etc. The team has been doing well through all the classes and they have done a good job of staying positive. At 5:30 we have dinner and a relaxed period of time until rally at 7:15. Rally is probably my favorite part of the day. I love seeing the team singing and dancing along with the band. Seeing some of the team members go forward during the alter call has brought joy to my life.
So talking about teens I’ll give some of you parents a status update on your kids. Sometimes it is hard for me to put into words the change I see. Logan Purdom has been a real blessing so far. Sometimes we need to remind him of some rules or to do things, but he always does his work positively and has become friends with some of the other guys on our team. Furthermore he has been our front flag for the OC the past two days. I would never know he was afraid of heights with how he climbs Jacob’s Ladder so quickly and effortlessly. Jordan Saxon is all around an amazing gal. First of I am impressed by how she can manage to still look cute and clean despite the heat, dirt, and everything else. Although I know she misses home and is ready to be done with Boot Camp, she has kept a great attitude and is a real encouragement. Matthew SanMiguel seems to be enjoying the friendship of some of the guys on the team. He is friendly and does great at the OC. He just seems all around dependable. When Lizzy Anderson first arrived, she seemed especially shy since 10 of the kids already knew each other. However, I was wrong. I know some of the team and myself have really enjoyed getting to know her and her sense of humor. One big and exciting update is that William Fripp (our leader Candace McNeal’s son) accepted Christ last night (Wednesday)!!! Well that is all I have for now. I am excited to see how God will continue to work in all of our lives! Good Day Mate from the Aussie team!!
 Aaron Fields – The Lord’s Boot Camp is a real challenge to endure while you are here. But through Christ we can prevail through all obstacles. Speaking of obstacles, the OC is the hardest, but most fun thing at Boot Camp. Every time I have done the OC, I have ended up with dirt covering my whole body. To clean up, you can take the “Boot Camp showers” which means you fill your bucket with lake water and try to clean yourself best as possible, if you feel 50% clean you have taken the best Boot Camp shower ever. Doing your laundry is about the most pointless thing except your clothes don’t have dirt on them anymore. But your clothes still smell like a pig farm. That’s all I can think to say right now. Miss everyone back home.

Emily Howe – Boot Camp has changed me so much spiritually and I am so glad. Before I came, I wouldn’t have even thought of doing devos or praying out loud. In fact, to tell you the truth, I almost never prayed at all. But since I came I have been praying a lot more and even praying out loud. I love devos and it is one of the things I look forward to the most in the day. I’m having so much fun making so many friends, and I think that when its time to leave I won’t want to leave.





  1. Johnson and Wells

    praying for each and everyone of you!!!

  2. Kelly Mardavich

    Thank you for the posts! (I did an “Australia search and found the previous posts, like this one). Reading these gives us a better glimpse of what the Lord’s Boot Camp is like. We have been enjoying the many pics and videos that have been posted on the TM facebook page! So proud of our Selina! We even stream lined the service tonight (didn’t realize we could have been doing this all along). We will be back at TM to enjoy the Commissioning Service with all of you! Very excited!

  3. Chris & Paige Eden

    Yay William! Love those Purdom boys & Jordan & the whole crew! Our prayers are with you ALL!

  4. Scott and Marie Saxon

    That is our girl! It is a blessing to be Jordan’s mom and dad. Awesome report from boot camp!

  5. Go Australia! Praying for you guys!

  6. Mandy and Chris Harper

    We are so proud of the entire team, but we are especially proud of William for making a decision to accept Christ! Candace, we know your heart is bursting! We are praying for you all and can’t wait to see you at the end of the summer.

  7. I am so glad that the kids are staying positive, I hope the Jenkins Duo are being good ! God bless you all

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