Cameroon At Boot Camp

Cameroon 2013 OC
Hello from the Cameroon team! Now that Boot Camp is in full swing, our entire team is here (Annie Baker arrived alive and well) and our classes have begun!  We take a class in phonics, drama, singing, and puppets every day. In our phonics class, we are learning how to teach phonics, so that we will know how to teach the children in Cameroon.  What is so obvious to us is not so obvious to them; so we are learning games, songs, and letter choreography to better teach them. In drama class, we are learning how to act out skits to tell the story of Jesus, and in music class we are working together as a team to prepare a presentation with songs. Our team has five guitar players, and four guitars here! There is a lot of musical talent on this team, and we really do sound good!

At the end of every day we gather around in a circle and reflect on the day, appreciating each other for occurrences that merit appreciation. One of the things that was mentioned by a team member at this time was our team’s ability to face all things together, with a good attitude, no matter what it is. This week we were “blessed” with a special blessing.  When our team, or an individual, breaks a rule, we are given Special Blessing Training. Special Blessing Training is an hour of extra “training” during our hour of free time. The theory is if we are breaking the rules, than it is apparent that our leaders have failed us by not giving us enough training and need a little extra. This week we were given a team “Special Blessing” because someone had not opened their Bible when they were asked to during one of our classes.  Our hour of Special Blessing training was spent digging a ditch for a water line. Josiah Bunn and Sherry Burns really know how to use a shovel and were great examples of hard workers for the team.
Natalie Weme –  I have been having an amazing time at Boot Camp.  I have already learned to so much from God. He has humbled me so much and now I am really learning to trust Him in everything and receive His strength. I am covered in bug bites and am always sweaty and smell funny but I love it.  My team is awesome and we are all having so much fun together. I am learning so much in the classes and am continuing to grow with God. One of the speakers talked on how we are all sinners. I have grown up in the church and have been a Christian my whole life, but that really hit me by reminding myself that I am no better than anyone at my school who doesn’t know Christ. All our sins are equal in God’s eyes. I cannot wait till I see what God has planned for me this summer.
Tyler Tahtinen –  I am usually a fairly carefree and forgiving guy. It is not easy to anger me, and when I am angry I don’t stay that way for long. For about a year and a half, I have been holding a very large grudge against someone in my family who I was previously really close to. Earlier this week, God put a very heavy burden to be thankful for this person. I didn’t want to, but God began His process of breaking me down. At rally that night, I walked up to the alter because the Lord led me there. As I knelt at the alter I just broke down crying. I walked out of the Big Top with a Preteen leader named C.J. I was so thankful God used C.J. to minister and help me forgive, and begin to love again.  God is great and uses everyone as tools to further his kingdom.




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