Ecuador Is Adjusting To Boot Camp

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Greetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp!!  Team Ecuador is doing very well.  We are enjoying each of the kids immensely!  They are well liked around BC for their enthusiasm and fun nature.  We received John Henderson’s passport, so we have everyone’s now and are set to leave for Ecuador!  Praise God!
A Day in the Life at Boot Camp…Part 1
Each day all the team members are given a wake up call at 5:30. They have just a few minutes to be dressed, out of their tents, and ready for the day. The first event of the day is to gather at Rapture practice around the flagpole with all of the teams where the winners of the previous day’s events run their flag up the pole. This means they’ve won an hour in the pool. Everyone wants to see their flag flying!!
After Rapture practice, most teams line up by count off order. (Each team member is assigned a number so that their belongings are quickly identified and we can keep track of everyone!) And then they’re ready to run the OC (Obstacle Course).  As a team, they run through Elijah’s Chariot, stack the Books of the Bible, scale a 12 ft wall, run over Mt Sinai (a huge pile of tires), swing over the Slough of Despond (hopefully!), go through the maze, fight the 5 D’s of the devil, quote apostles, say the Beatitudes, and scale a ginormous cargo net!  All that before breakfast!  But they are troopers, and have been doing a great job as a team. Pray specifically please for endurance for all of the team members and for God to really work on their hearts to learn to rely on Him. “For the joy of the Lord is your strength” is a verse we talk about daily!
Breakfast follows the OC and then all of Boot Camp stops from 7:30-8 am for personal devotions. It’s an amazing sight to see hundreds of kids/leaders sitting all over BC studying God’s Word!
 Allegra Decker – Ever since I was very little, I have been a member of the Vineyard in Anaheim along with my family.  I asked the Lord into my heart also at a very young age. I am very blessed with two loving siblings. However, along with many other kids my age, I have made many bad decisions. God has given me a lot of grace throughout my life. There was a time that I rebelled from God, I stopped praying, I would sit in the back row of the sanctuary, I never read my Bible, and much more. All of my rebellious habits toward my faith showed, and because of my attitude, I stopped feeling the Holy Spirit and I even grew to be angry at God. It took me a long time to realize the fullness of God’s love and how grateful I really was for everything He has give me, like my family, my friends, my education, etc. I also realized how much I needed Him, I couldn’t do everything on my own any longer, I needed to ask for His help. But I learned and I began to live my life for God. I still have a way to go on my spiritual journey but here at Boot Camp I can already feel closer to Him and my desire for Him is strengthening.
Ethan Gordon – I came to Christ when I was three years old. I have been blessed with a good family and protection. I have grown up in church and my family rarely misses church. We have a good church and youth group. Last year I was called to go to Malawi so I came here to the Lord’s Boot Camp and the first thought when I came here was I was crazy.  But I came back and now I’m going to Ecuador to serve the Lord.




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  1. I’m so proud of you Allegra!! I love seeing your face and hearing all the things God is doing in you!! I love you so much!! ~ Mom <3

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