Haiti Is Becoming a True Team

15 Haiti
Greetings from the Haiti team! We are in full Boot Camp mode, and the team is doing great! Although Boot Camp can be difficult at times, the team members have gotten the swing of things. As one team member, May Bunn, mentioned, “Boot Camp gets a little easier each day!” Our day typically starts with the Obstacle Course (or OC for short), and several team members, like Connor Henderson and Raina Gardner, have commented how much they like running it. After the OC, breakfast, and devotions, the team goes to classes. The team has been through construction classes like block laying, concrete, layout, and others, as well as classes such as phonics and drama. Drama seems to be a favorite of the team members, and they are throwing themselves into learning dramas that will help bridge any language gaps we may experience in Haiti. After a couple days of not being clean enough to win the cleanliness award (and the pool), the team pulled together, making sure all team areas and tents were neat and orderly. Their work paid off, and as a result, we will be enjoying a dip in the pool this afternoon during our free time! Our days end with a rally filled with music and speakers who challenge us to go deeper in our relationship with God.

Blake Barnett – Boot Camp has been an amazing experience for me. The evening rally sermons have been so amazing and so encouraging through times of struggles. I am not going to lie–Boot Camp is tough, but the Holy Spirit has been working in my heart while I have been isolated from modern distractions. Not only has the Holy Spirit been shattering chains in my life, but I have learned to have joy at all times. Even though I may think I might not make it through something, my heart still says, “PRAISE THE LORD!”
Rena Ybarra – Hey people! Boot Camp is going great! Everyone–team members, leaders, and staff–are continually challenged physically and mentally, but even more importantly, we are daily challenged to grow spiritually. God has been teaching me personally quite a bit. I am learning to be sensitive and compassionate to the hearts of other people. On the Obstacle Course, I am learning not to lean on my own strength and to encourage others who are struggling. Finally, classes teach teamwork and communication. I would say Boot Camp has challenged me, and that is what helps make it so great.

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  1. Praise God !!!! everyone is doing well, please give us more updates soon and more video soon. PRAYING FOR TEAM
    HAITI!!!!!! GRACE & PEACE !!!!!

    Pastor Bart & Pastor Gloria Ankrom

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