Indiana Is Learning A Lot!

Indiana & Indonesia OC
Greetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp! The Indiana Team is doing well. We are going through classes such as Puppets, Music and Drama, to name a few. The teens are learning to lose their inhibitions and are coming out of their shells.  These classes will help us be prepared for doing evangelism at the county fairs in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.
The team has worked hard on keeping their tents and eating site clean and have won the Cleanliness Award two times…so far. This means that they enjoyed swimming in the TMI pool, which is always a refreshing activity in this Florida heat.
We have 10 more days of Boot Camp before we head to the field. So please pray for the team that they will continue to work for the prize. We want to look to the Lord for our strength.  Thank you for your prayers.
Nathaniel Bay – Boot Camp is tough, I’m not gonna lie. But there is a bright side that is bigger than the bad…because actually there isn’t much of a bad side.  Being here has been a challenge. When I go to bed every night, I think to myself…what am I doing here?  Of course when I wake up in the morning I think to myself…It’s a wonderful day in the swamp. Every night when I go to rally the message rejuvenates me. And the food at Boot Camp is good, too.




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