Indonesia Team – Small, But Mighty!

Indiana & Indonesia
Greetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp. Praise God that there are only nine more days of Boot Camp! Monday, the 24th, was the first day of the regular schedule and since that time, Patrick Dove and Lauren Garcia have been learning a lot of different things. They are mastering block laying, and have already had layout, digging, and one class of carpentry. Both of them are also learning a handful of songs to present for the summer and Debrief presentation. Both teams have had their experience in the kitchen and really enjoyed it. Please continue to pray for them and Indiana as they grow together.
Lauren Garcia – I have learned how to bucket wash entirely in 20 minutes, its also the most effective way to wash clothes.
Patrick Dove – Well, I’m still at Boot Camp and the classes have started. Yes, the days are busy but I’m learning a lot. During the Former Team Member classes we are going through an in-depth study of Ephesians which has helped me to learn how to identify myself in Christ.
Tony Alfaya





  1. Yes small but mighty is right! God uses all to His glory! Praying for the team to be used in a special way. Keep up the great work Tony!!!!

  2. Lauren, I worked with your mom at HNPS this year and met you in the library at the end of the school year. You are a very bright, talented young lady and I wish you all the best on your mission trip. Have a great time and know that you are being prayed for and thought of daily 🙂

  3. I am glad that you are having fun. And I admit to you that will cry when you leave to indio. I hope you have learned a lot there. I am going to follow in your steps when I am in your age. I am going to a country like you! Love you soooooooooooooooo much, your sister, Cami

  4. I am glad that you are having fun and can’t wait to see you. I admit that I will cry when you leave. And hope that you are learning a lot there. Soon I will follow in your steps, I will be going when I am your age, hopefully. Love you sooooo much! Your sister Cami.

  5. I love you more than dirt, Lauren….stop making me cry! Can’t help it, you are so wonderful and I am so very PROUD TO SHOU T YOU ARE MY daughter!

  6. Tony…I hope your hand is healing…and your smile is contagious…please tell me Lauren is healthy..and she doesn’t hate her mom for making her do this…although she wanted to to it to. Get it? You’re Hispanic should.

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