Malawi Is Growing Spiritually!

19 Malawi

The sky begins to darken and the sound of thunder rings in the distance. I think Boot Camp may be in for some rain. The Malawi Team is doing wonderful and has finally shaken the piggy sign away! On Tuesday we won the Obstacle Course with getting 13 people over the wall. The team has been learning drama, puppets, phonics and practicing music. Thursday we will have KP (Kitchen Patrol). This is a day when the team will serve the rest of Boot Camp their food and wash the kitchen dishes! It is a great way to bond as a team and serve the other teams. Since most of the team has never been to Teen Missions washing cloths by hand and taking bucket baths is something totally new! But they are getting the hang of things! It is fun as leader to watch them learn and grow together as a team. Wednesday we messed up a couple of times on the Obstacle Course so we had a team Special Blessing. This meant that instead of having free time, they had to work. But they spent their hour of work with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts as they served the Lord. Thank you to all the parents who are praying for us! Blessings from Boot Camp


Samantha Kibble – Even though the Lord’s Boot Camp is a few leaps out side of my comfort zone, I know it’s preparing me for my mission. I was laying on my sleeping bag with my my backpack against my head like a pillow a few nights ago. I was thinking about how much I really wanted a cold class of water. I thought about how the kids in Malawi who might not have ever tasted clean water. I had remembered a time back home when I drank a cup of cold water. The memory got me thinking of how much we have that others do not have. I thought about my bathroom with clean running water, toilets that can be properly flushed and my comfortable warm bed. I missed my family, feeling like I had not seen them in forever. Orphans in Africa don’t have parents. I wondered how they managed to get through their life. This really surprised me that I had never realized how much a cup of cold clean water is not to be taken for granted.
Kayla Duchaine – A couple nights ago, I was laying on my bed (well pool floaty) inside my tent and stated musing over the night’s message. The speaker asked all of us whether we would be willing to die for our Savior who died for us, and I asked myself, “Would I be willing to die to sacrifice myself in my sinful flesh, for the One who did it for me?” I believe that, through this Boot Camp experience, I am beginning to be able to say yes, confidently that I will lay down myself completely for my God. To bend to His will, whatever it maybe. I think that only once I’ve given all of myself to Him, will I make myself available to God to send me anywhere and everywhere and to use me as His hands and feet, so that I may take care of His suffering children. As Boot Camp has stripped me from all my comforts and securities and left me dirty, sweaty and exhausted but full of God’s love, I think I can finally say yes! Confidently, I am all yours, God.


  1. Kayla, beautifully said. I watched the live stream that night and had those same thoughts. Would I, could I? It’s such an amazing realization that you all are making at such a young age. So proud of all the TMI teams. Praying for each of you!

  2. Darryl and Tracy Heaps

    Praying for all of you!!!

    • Through prayer and the pictures and updates, you are very close and so loved in my heart! May you be lavishly blessed as you serve as Jesus served!

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