Panama Is Settling In and Working

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We arrived at our project site on Monday after a long day of boat travel. It was stormy in the morning so we couldn’t leave on the boats until the storms passes by. It was a rainy journey and we were all soaked when we got here. Two of the boats arrived in six hours and the other boat took nearly eight hours ( it only has one 40 HP motor while the other boats had two). Thankfully, all of our bags arrived and we settled in quickly. We had quite a group to welcome us when we arrived and there where dozens of children waiting to meet us and play. We were asked to go to the villge council on Monday evening to meet the chief—that was interestng. Tuesday we washed our laundry, took showers and got acclimated to our new home. Tuesday evening, the team did a presentation for the village in the church. Wednesday we started work on our project. We are literally on the shore of the Caribbean Sea. It is beautiful here and we always have curious visitors wanting to spend time with us. The team is all doing well and we are all healthy. Blisters from Boot Camp are healing and we are excited to spend the next four weeks here in Panama. Last night during team devotions,  we took time to share about why we came to Panama and what we hoped to gain from being here. It was good to hear each one’s individual story about why they are here. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to lift us up that we would stay healthy and be able to get the project competed safely. We miss you all!



  1. Chris & Mara Swanson

    Thanks SO much for this update. The pictures are great!! We continue to pray daily for the team.

  2. SO glad for thei update, we are prayng for you all.

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