Peru At Boot Camp

The week is going by quickly! The team is getting into the routine of classes which involve blocklaying, carpentry, drama, and learning to teach phonics. Drama is especially fun…Eric Mahon and Shannon¬†Fahnestock did great in one of the skits they volunteered to do. On Monday the team enjoyed the pool and the earned it again for the next two days – they are staying cooled off! On Wednesday the team enjoyed serving on Kitchen Patrol – some of them served food, others washed dishes, and some of the team greeted the other teams as they came into the dish line to wash their dishes. Although drama class is a struggle, the team thoroughly enjoys the construction classes….concrete, digging, carpentry and blocklaying. Hannah Reinhardt and Christian Kobes have proven to be naturals at it! The Lord is definitely working on the team as they are learning to work together and become unified as a whole. Keep us in your prayers! It will be exciting to see how much more He does in Peru.

“Boot Camp’s been pretty great so far! I’ve enjoyed watching our team grow together through going to classes, praying, and running the obstacle course for the first time today! I’m excited to grow closer to my teammates and the Lord as we go through boot camp and on to Peru. In the mean time, the birds, bugs, and frogs in the jungle make pretty cool noises at night.” – Clare Cook
“The classes are fun. We learn a bunch of construction, Bible, drama, and phonics classes. The drama and Bible classes are my favorite. We’re learning a cool skit that acts out the Wordless Book. There are five characters: Jesus, Anger, Sorrow, and 2 name-less characters, I play Angel. I like it.” – Amelia Crispell
2017 Peru OC




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