Russia At Boot Camp

13028 Russia OC
The Russia team, like all Super Boot Camp teams, is now in its fourth day of the regular Boot Camp training schedule. This team is doing so well, bonding well and working well in all areas. The drama teacher has complimented the team on their attention and performance. As leaders, we are proud of each one. We continue to have hot weather, and had some rain and thunder yesterday in the late afternoon. Several kids on the team have responded to the invitation in the rallies and we are so thankful they have hearts and spirits that are sensitive to God. The way the team has been bonding and working together is a blessing to see. They work together well, do the Obstacle Course well together. No “first place” yet to earn the pool, but they are working towards that.
Rachel Salter – The first day I set foot on the Lord’s Boot Camp, I cried so hard, I could barely get through the day. Now that we are a few days into Boot Camp and my team has really bonded, I don’t feel so homesick. Pslams 121 has really given me strength. I really cling to verses that talk about clinging to the Lord because He will always be with me and will help me!
Mallory Adams – So Boot Camp started a couple days ago, it’s been going okay. I don’t enjoy Boot Camp, but you gotta do it. We only do O.C. (Obstacle Course) five more times! We do “Run from the Devil” tonight (June 26)! I’m excited to leave for Russia! My parents have come to visit, love you Mom & Dad! We served a team S.B. (Special Blessing Training) yesterday (June 25) and have another one tomorrow.

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