The Adventures of The Ireland/Northern Ireland Team!


2014 Ireland OCHello from the Lord’s Boot Camp! As a whole, we are nursing some blisters, but we are safe and God is faithful! Nate Dalrymple has been so helpful at doing what needs to be done no matter what it is. We have been blessed with a wonderful encourager in Tiffany Dyck. Music class is going well. Sarah Weaver has blessed us all as she plays her guitar. Benet Landon is one of two team mates singing “Blessed Assurance” in our team presentation. It is a joy to watch the enthusiasm on Izzy Workman’s face during Puppet class. The Obstacle Course (O.C.) has been a challenge for us, but it gets better daily. Taylor Bailey’s goal has been to stay dry over the slough at least once and yesterday she did just that! She was so pumped! Kaitlyn Penner loves participating in the O.C. every morning. Her favorite is the Slough of Despond. Yesterday’s O.C. was an answer to prayer for Talia Kavanaugh. She completed it as the front flag runner! The team’s favorite class has definitely been Drama with our leader, Michelle Myers. Our only male leader, Mike Myers, wakes the team up at 5:30AM and gets us motivated. Every team takes their turn in the Prayer Tower to pray for all the Teen Missions’ teams, staff and bases around the world. Meredith McGowan really enjoyed volunteering for it and is asking to do it again! We have all enjoyed spending time with our three bonus teammates, the Myers’ girls (Kenya, Isabelle and Lily Myers), especially Evan Dean, who asks every day if they are coming to play Hide-n-Seek with him. God has shown Yoonho Cha that one of his strengths is writing and he has offered to keep a journal for the team. Evening rallies are always a looked forward to event. Eliza Merritt loves the worship. Claire Speer loves how fast our team has bonded together. She is always finding a new seat at meal times so that she can get to know everyone. This past Tuesday, the team enjoyed homemade cinnamon, sugar tortillas made by leader, Karen Taylor. We have been very busy, but God has made this team into a close-knit family and we are anxious to go to Ireland and Northern Ireland to do ALL for the glory of God! “What then shall we say? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

Evan Dean – I became a believer about 1½ years ago. Before that, I had a million of those times where I said a quick little prayer that was not serious at all. I told myself I was fine for an afterlife. Later, I started to look back at my life and compared how I live to other Christians at my church and accepted Christ as my Savior. I have only been at Boot Camp for a few days, but it is awesome. Every morning for devotions, God has shown me something I needed to hear. He has shown me to do everything with God. The music is encouraging and the messages are great too. Boot Camp has been awesome for my spiritual growth.” Evan Dean

Yoonho Cha – Going to a completely different place in this world to spread the Word of God seems to be the best thing anyone could ever do. But when you go through even a few hours of the Lord’s Boot Camp, your mind slowly changes. Well…at least it did for me. Everyday new tasks confront you. We wake up at 5:30AM to run a muscle-aching Obstacle Course. What’s even worse is when the odor of over 400 people who haven’t showered for days becomes the air you breathe. It is tough and you can’t do it alone. When I realized that, God has really put me in a different mindset. I went through the transition of wanting to go home to relying on God to get me through another day. From the hardships, I have been able to cherish the joyful things here. God has spoken to me here and now my focus is on Him and Him alone. Please be praying for the safety of all teens at the Lord’s Boot camp.





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  1. What a wonderful update! God bless you, Ireland Team!

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