The Italy Team Evangelizing

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We have really been enjoying Italy weather. They say it is unusually cool for this time of year and we are hoping it will warm up a little more before we get into the mountains. The first night here we had a big rain shower the whole night. We were happy to know that our tents held up well.Tuesday was our first day of evangelism with Christ is the Answer. The team was delighted to report that four young people gave their lives to the Lord. It was a great start to our week! Ryland Mcgaha, Grace Nation and Jenna Speight shared their testimonies yesterday. The team has been very enthusiastic about evangelism and speaking with the crowds that gather after every performance. Ryland Mcgaha, Grace Nation and Luke A. Neilson have recovered from their colds and are doing well. Everyone is in good health. We have been double checking everyones gear to make sure that their clothes will be warm enough for the Alps. Some of the team members decided they needed a few more layers. We have all been enjoying the Italian food here at the camp. The breakfasts have been a little more challenging for us as they only eat bread, cookies and coffee or warm milk in the mornings. The team has mostly been evangelizing each day, but they have split up a few times so that part of the team could help with some community projects. It is through these community projects that Christ is the Answer gets permission from the local officials to stay where they are. The projects have been painting fences for the many dog parks and moving furniture for local public schools. The team has been great about helping around the camp here. Team members helped Ruth’s dad load his van to take things to the refugees in Greece and they have helped with cleaning dishes and bathrooms for the whole camp. They have all done well at serving as needed.

Zachary Taylor – Boot Camp life is rough. Through this experience I have come to realize just how much I take for granted at home whether its running water or clean beds. God provides for us. Now because of Boot Camp, I will show more gratitude towards the Lord and mommy.

Briley Langehans – Thus far, God has taught me so much. He has showed me how blessed I am in family and friends. Also, He has pushed me out pf my comfort zone in talking to strangers about Him and His sacrifice and love. Evangelizing is difficult and terrifying but completely worth every scared second.






  1. Awesome update and pictures! I’m thrilled to know everyone is well again. I’m praying for continued health, strength, boldness, courage and peace as you continue your journey. I am also praying for the hearts of those you meet to be open and ready for the Word of God! God bless you all!

  2. So glad to hear of this update! Thankful for all the blessings that God has shown this team so far, and looking forward to hearing of many more!

  3. Bless you all on this awesome adventure! Very proud of you Jenna Speight and all your team!

  4. Glad to get the good report. Exciting that God has used these vessels to draw four into the fold. Keep your focus upon Him, the author and perfecter of your faith!

  5. Sounds like you are all doing great work! Love the pictures and the updates!!!! Cristo muove le montagne!!!!

  6. Praise The Lord!! What a wonderful report!!

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