Zambia Is On Their Way!

13010 Zambia Team PicFrom the Zambia missionary: The Zambia bridge team left the base this morning for Mukema, the location for their project. They were excited to be on the way. They seem to have adjusted to the cooler weather(45-50 degrees at night) just fine. I just checked their progress and they are having the noon meal at our Katembula matron unit. So they are about half way.



  1. Great to hear you are finally “on your way” to the project. We are praying for you all! Hope your wayward bags have been returned, even though we know you are capable of wearing the same clothes for days on end. We also know that in such a great team, whoever “has” is willing to share with whoever “does not have”. God bless you all!! Thanks for the update. Would love to see pictures when available.

  2. Any news about their bags? Did they recover the three missing bags?

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