Panama’s Adventures Continue!

Panama 1

Work is progressing nicely. Our biggest obstacle is getting the supplies we need. There is definitely a challenge getting the supplies..everything must come by boat from the mainland

The team is doing well and we seem to have lots of kids to play with every day.

Sunday we split the team between the two churches on the island for the morning services. One team did puppets and the other team performed a drama. Sunday we were all together at the church here. The chief and most on the village came out to see us present our missionary, Omar, with the Teen Missions Founders Faithfulness Award. It was quite a celebration!

This week we have been invited to do a presentation at the school on July 5!

Tyler Swanson prayed and fully gave his life to Christ after team devos on Wednesday night. It was a blessing for us to rejoice with him!  Praise The Lord!

Life here is good. Gods beauty surrounds us in every side.

We have not received any mail yet and probably won’t until we return to Panama City at the end of our time here. Mail is not delivered to the islands. We are sending out our letters this week when Shannon and Omar go to the mainland for supplies.

We miss you all!

From Zach Reeves – Hello! Panama is very beautiful and there are many mountains. Our living area is well placed on the ocean and right next to our work site. Right now we are taking down the second story.  We are all settled in. Everyone is having a good time with all the people who are very eager to learn our names and introduce themselves. We are always answering questions. 🙂



  1. We are Praying for the panama team and are so thankful to hear how God is working in hearts and activities. Ephesians 3:14-21

    Much love in him –

    Missy gudz

  2. Praying for you guys! God bless you!

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