The Dominican Republic Team

So these past three days at the Lord’s Boot Camp have gone great and have gone by very fast. We have six girls and nine boys on our team. These kids are a joy to take care of and they are hard workers who are very excited to serve the Lord in  the Dominican Republic this summer. The kids are doing a fantastic job on the Obstacle Course (O.C.) and they don’t quit even when they get very tired. They have been doing very well in their classes and they even like what they are doing. Our team has won the Piggy Award twice and the kids have such a servant’s heart about cleaning the bathrooms. They have even started saying that they really like cleaning. It is a joy to see the smiles on their faces and to see them enjoying the Lord’s Boot Camp.

Ezekiel – Hi, my name is Ezekiel. I think that Boot Camp is great. We learn memory verses each day. We have bucket baths on some days. On Wednesday we get to have strawberry milkshakes and pizza. We are being trained to teach the Gospel and also to be great missionaries. If I were to rate Teen Missions out of 1-5. I would give Teen Missions 5 stars.
Alana W. – Boot Camp has changed my life so much. I have been loved by all of my friends and even by other teams. I feel like i have a second family here at Teen Missions.

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