Indonesia Welcomes Their Head Leaders

Hello from the real Boot Camp! It has been raining almost nonstop for over a day, so the rain caught up with us making it feel like a real training camp. The team has been going through their regular classes since the last report and on Sunday they got to catch up a bit with things like doing memory verse review, weighing their bags and meeting us, Mathew and Heni Wylie, the head leaders. Praise the Lord that we got back as planned on June 30th. Now we are five! We are excited to see how God is going to finish up our training time in Florida, what He will bring during and after travels, and what amazing things He will do for this team and the people around us. Please pray for our Indonesian translator who was supposed to be with us for the project time, and we’ve known her real well for years. She just lost her father, so it seems we are going to get other translators and helpers to help with the language barrier on the field. The team is in good spirit.

Heni Wylie: – This is my 11th Boot Camp in the States being involved, 9th summer team to lead and it is never the same! There are always new things that the Lord is teaching or old ones He is reminding me of. It has been strange to arrive in the middle of this camp, but it is rolling and only a few more days and we are out of here! It always gives me joy to leave the burning fireplace and take the one burning wood to places where there is no or little light from the Lord. May He do His work in us and through us. I feel very privileged to be able to be in full time service for the Lord all year round for the last 10 years.
Tony Alfaya – I would like to thank the Lord that Mathew and Heni are back. Leading the team through Boot Camp didn’t turn out to be the most difficult. Patrick and Lauren the best set of kids I could ask for. I can’t believe there’s only six more days left and God has been working in all of us.




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