A Day In The Life Of The Ecuador Team

Greetings from a very wet Lord’s Boot Camp!! We had some pretty heavy rains yesterday and it’s continuing to come down today!  We’ve heard it will be an all-day rain. Spirits are not dampened (pun intended 🙂 since with the rains have caused some cooler air. The wet, mud, and dirt are just  regular parts of Boot Camp life!  Today is Canada Day in honor of all our Canadian team members, so the Maple Leaf is flying all around camp! Many of us are wearing a little Canadian flags in honor of our team member, Joy Beam, from Saskatchewan.
Today, instead of running the Obstacle Course, Ecuador got to do Noah’s Ark.  It’s a course where the kids have to find (wooden) animals through the woods, make their noises as they bring them over to take them two by two into the Ark. They did well finding 19 pairs, but when they had to re-hide them for the next team, they hid some outside the boundaries and were unfortunately disqualified. Listening to instructions is a huge part of the training at the Lord’s Boot Camp!
We’re praising God you sent your children to serve the Lord this summer. I, along with the other Ecuador leaders, Shonn Foy, Maddie Burke, and Wes Gladd, are enjoying each of your kids immensely!
A Day in the Life Part 2
Following individual devotions, classes kick into full gear for the team. All of the teams have music, drama, and puppets. The work teams also have construction classes such as concrete, trusses, etc. for prepping them for their overseas projects. They will all be well equipped to work and evangelize overseas!  Ecuador has all of them since we are doing both!! Until supper, the team moves together from class to class. An hour for lunch, free time or special blessings, and bath and laundry are also part of the day. So we are very busy!  They are all also busy memorizing Bible verses daily, and yesterday, during a practice quiz off, Ecuador did very well!
John Henderson – As a first-timer here at Teen Missions, it has been a great experience for me. Even though I’ve only been here a week, I have already grown in the Lord. He has showed me so much, even in such a little time. The people here are awesome and will help you with anything you need. I would recommend this to any young person who wants to get closer to the Lord.
Jacob Hughes – My name is Jacob Hughes and I came here to get away from home. When I got here, I thought I wasn’t going to like being here. Then later on in Boot Camp when we were having rally, I was done singing “I Surrender All” and I heard God say in my heart “go and repent”.  So I went up to the alter and I prayed and I have never cried that much in my entire life. After tha,t I went with my awesome leader, Mr. Shonn, who talked to me about what I had done and about my life. When I was done, I was very happy and my heart felt very light and joyful and it is continually feeling this from then until now.




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