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Five more days is the chant that will resound throughout rally tonight. Our time at Lord’s Boot Camp is coming to an end and all of us couldn’t be more excited. Elijah Henry said I must be very excited to leave because I chant louder than the rest of our team. So far we have been keeping nearly the same schedule as mentioned in the last report. The team is becoming accustomed to the schedule and falling into the routine well. Yesterday was relaxing for the team as we had several hours of free time. We wrote letters home, to our prayer partners, and worked on our memory verses. The rain finally hit hard yesterday as well and we were finally forced to wear our Teen Missions ponchos to stay dry.
I don’t have much more of an update as far as what we do on a day to day basis other than we got Piggy again and a team special blessing. However we also won the Godliness award and therefore got the pool for an hour!
So to talk about the kids: Mihretae Will is a lovely girl. She is spunky and fun and gets along with everyone. She has been a joy to have on the team thus far. Her brother Tristan Will is hilarious. During drama he tries so hard to keep a straight face, but that smile of his always breaks through. He openly talks about his dislike for Boot Camp, but participates and helps none the less. Josh Wilkin has continued to do great. He always finishes his food and works incredibly hard at all times. Other leaders have come up to me and told me how hard of a worker and respectful he was. Ronan VanBuskirk has continued to help our team get over the Wall during the OC. He has also added some humor to our team with his jokes and everything about him. Although he struggles with staying positive during Boot Camp, I don’t think its been as rough on him as it first was. Cameron Johnson has been another key player in helping our team get over the wall. Furthermore he has been polite, at least always to me, saying “Yes ma’am” whenever I ask him to do something. Lizzy Anderson continues to just be wonderful. I have loved getting to know her and her sense of humor. Also she made it over the Slough during the OC today! Aaron Fields is another key lifter during the Wall oc and has helped lift the majority of our team over the Wall. He is a hard worker when he sets his mind to it and has remained mostly positive through Boot Camp. I know there are many kids I haven’t talked about yet, but being pressed for time I have to end this now. One more update from here at bootcamp and then the next one will be from Australia!!!!
Matthew SanMiguel – At first Boot Camp was really hard. It’s hard to get used to the mosquitoes, the heat, and the humidity. But after the initial shock of all that, it’s not that bad. The rain is awesome when it comes bath time, and the food is usually pretty good. I miss home, but can’t wait to get to Australia.

Cameron Johnson – I’ve been at the Lord’s Boot Camp for a week now. Its not the best in the world, but it’s definitely not the worst. I can honestly say that I am having a good time here at the Lord’s Boot Camp, and I find myself falling deeply in love with Jesus more and more every day.





  1. Looking for Emma in either of the two pics above??
    Emma, are you hiding or are our eyes deceiving us? Hehe.
    Good job Australia on earning the Godliness Award & an hour of pool time.
    Diane, Chassy, Danielle, Steven

  2. the Mardavich family

    Thank you for the posts! Helps us to have an inkling of what all Selina and the team are enduring! We miss her smile but are always glad to see it in the pictures & videos! LOL, Selina! Just like you do at home! We love you!

  3. Woohoo! Go Australia Team! We’re cheering you on to the end of BootCamp! Diane, Danielle, Steven, Chassy & Montana.

  4. Johnson and Wells

    Loved the Australian Cheer!!!!!! Great job everyone making the best of things!! It will be worth it… Cameron you really touched my heart with your statement… Continue on that path.

  5. Kelly Mardavich

    I forgot to come on here and read the Mission Trips Reports. We have been going to the TM facebook page to see the videos and pics. Is there anyway we can see the previous reports for the Australia team? I hope so!
    Thanks! PS. We will be there for the Commissioning Service on Saturday!

    • Kelly, Yes, it is this coming Saturday, July 6. Go to our website to review the reports which are under “mission trip reports”.

      • Kelly Mardavich

        Thanks! I found them by searching “Australia”.
        How early are we allowed to arrive for visiting…5:00 pm?

        • Kelly, Parents may come in after lunch. General public may arrive after 5 PM. Please note the dress code and that no one will be admitted if they are not adhering to the dress code.

  6. Scott and Marie Saxon

    Go Team Australia! It’s almost time for the rest of your journey to begin! God is working through you all.

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