Haiti Is In The Home Stretch!

15 Haiti
We are in the home stretch of Boot Camp! Yippee! Yesterday’s Sunday schedule was more relaxed than our typical Boot Camp day, which gave us some time to complete some fun team-building activities. Although rain interrupted our day and made our tents rather damp, it was a good day. Today we return to the usual schedule, although this week we are adding puppets, something that will undoubtedly be a hit with the Haitian children! Including today, we have only four days of regular Boot Camp classes left, and then we will begin packing up equipment for Haiti as well as taking down parts of Boot Camp like the Obstacle Course and various Big Top tents. Fanned by the short training time left, our anticipation of leaving Boot Camp and heading to Haiti is building, and I think the next few days will move quickly for us.

Natalie Stravens – Boot Camp is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Once you get past the dirt, sweat, and fatigue, it becomes one of the most enjoyable character-building experiences. The waking up early and constant tiredness is outshone by the fellowship with other Christians my age who both entertain and encourage me. The best thing about Boot Camp is an environment that causes one’s relationship with Christ to be nurtured and grow. Every day I can feel myself growing closer to Him. Boot Camp is tough, I’m not going to lie, but it’s still a wonderful experience.
Hannah Ayers – God has been teaching me a lot through Boot Camp. Especially the importance of learning to trust my team, and more importantly how to trust God. Daily He has been showing me that He has everything in control and that it is in His hands.
Connor Henderson – God is at work in TMI. He is drawing our team closer to Him and to each other. He is teaching us endurance and to have faith in Him in all things.




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  1. Gloria And Bart Ankrom

    I really am happy to hear that you are all growing closer to God and one another. I Know you all have worked very hard. Hey can you do me a favor remind Trinity Ankrom she needs to write home! Well WE will keep all of you in our prayers.

    Love and prayers
    Gloria Ankrom

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