India Is Working Hard!


India 2-1 India 2-2 India 2-3 India 2-4Hello from India! The work continues here at the orphanage. After several days of clearing the brush away from the fence line, we are moving onto the next phase of the project! This morning a large group of the team members moved the concrete mixer onto the property and we are ready to start pouring the concrete for the gate and fence posts!  Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend Pastor Jeevan’s church, the director of the orphanage. What a blessing it was to see and hear our brothers and sisters in Christ sing in their own language a beautiful melody of praise to our King!  We were asked to do a presentation and Ellie G. and Danielle S. shared their testimonies, Audrey  F. and David E. played a duet on the violin and guitar, Gabe F. shared a sermonette, and Felicia B. directed team during the presentation. Afterwards, the church provided delicious lunch of curry chicken, rice, boiled eggs, and Thumbs Up Cola (a new favorite of the team).

Breanne Smith – God has worked a lot in my life since I’ve been here at Teen Missions. I remember the first rally, I didn’t sing the songs–all I thought was, ‘What did I get myself into?’  I missed my family but also I was in a part of my life where God wasn’t my main focus. I was more concerned with my own needs and wants rather than accepting the fact that God wanted me here. Little by little, day by day, I’ve opened myself up to God. It all started one night at one of the rallies when I went down to the alter and I just cried and gave God every worry and every hurt I was feeling. It’s always nice to know that someone has your back even when you feel like the rest of the world has turned against you. God has my back and I made a promise to Him that I would do what He has called me to do here in India with a joyful heart.

“Since we’ve gotten to India, The Lord has shown me a lot.  Through the devotions we have, He has revealed more about himself to me and He has been humbling me in ways that I’ve not had trouble with in the past.  God has given me a burden for the orphans here; it’s so fun playing games and talking with them. God has put me and the team here to serve, and serve we have. It’s been hard but rewarding knowing we’re doing it for the Lord and I’m excited to see what He has planned for us in the upcoming weeks.”


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  1. Becky Plunkett

    We at Pioneer Baptist Church are praying for your mission, your health, and safe travels. We serve a very BIG GOD who sees and knows all. HE is with you even if we can’t be there. May HE so richly bless every effort that each of you put forth.
    In Christ,
    Becky PLunkett

    PS I love you Kirsti!

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