Ireland Is Making The Most Of Their Boot Camp Experience

Happy Canada Day to all! We are doing well and have really become a tight group. God has been very faithful to our team!  We are conquering the Obstacle Course (OC) and are able to complete it without disqualifying. This is huge since Jacob’s Ladder is quite high and some of us have serious issues with heights. The Wall is also quite intimidating. This past Saturday, we put four teammates over! We all had a moment of celebration because it was just mere days before that we weren’t even making it to the wall before our time was up. All classes are going well. Drama is still the favorite which I think is due to our energetic teacher, Michelle Myers. She has definitely brought out our theatrical side.:)  I learned  that our team knows their geography fairly well too. We ran the World Map OC yesterday and did amazing for a small team. (The World Map consists of a concrete map of the world and teams have to run and pick up the plywood shapes that match each country.)  I must tell you that our team is the most amazing group of young people that I have ever met. I have learned so much from them already. Thank you all for praying!
Izzy Workman – Here at the Lord’s Boot Camp, our team has their ups and downs but we work as a team.  The Lord has taught me many things during my time spent here. He has shown me that I am stronger than I really am and He pushes me to my limit. Please pray for all the teams here, for their safety…and their feet!

Katilyn Penner – Boot Camp hasn’t been quite as hard as I expected. I have been getting use to getting up early, sleeping in my clothes, washing in a bucket and lots of mosquito bites! God has helped me mature and I have learned to work together with others as a team.




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