Madagascar Is Making Boot Camp Fun


Hello to all the family and friends of the Madagascar Team!

The team is doing well. Everyone is healthy and happy! We are really starting to count down now that we are in the second week of training. We have four more days of classes and only two more days to run the big Obstacle Course. (Tomorrow we are doing the World Map instead.) Today we ran it in the rain! It did clear up a bit so we were able to eat breakfast at our eating site, but it is supposed to rain most of the day. Tonight we celebrate Canada Day. All of the Canadians will be up on stage to sing the anthem. Our team has been asked to do something very special. They will be sharing the Colors Drama on stage tonight and it will be recorded to be used as a new training video for future teams! They have done an amazing job learning dramas.

The team has also done a great job on the Obstacle Course and won the pool by getting the Cleanliness Award four times! We have a great team! Thank you parents for allowing your teenagers  to come and letting us get to know them, learn from them and enjoy them for the summer.

Maddie True – Boot Camp, Boot Camp, Boot Camp…where to begin. Well we won the Cleanliness Award last night, so we get the pool today. The first three days of Boot Camp were probably the hardest days of Boot Camp. It’s getting a little better now, I just need to not fall in the Slough again tomorrow and I’ll be great. My favorite class (besides motorcycles) is drama. We’ve learned two dramas so far and they are both really fun. Motorcycles are going pretty good. Our team is awesome! We all work together really well. Our team leaders are wonderful! The whole Madagascar team is doing great! (Dad, you would love Boot Camp because of the walking pace and the punctuality.)

Beau Beck – Well…today we won the pool for free time. This was the only time I have been able to tell I’m not sweating since I got out of the car.

Hannah Williams – Boot Camp is so difficult! But I love them dirt bikes! They are so fun to ride! I’ve been making amazing friends for life! I miss my family like uber crazy and I can’t wait to get to see them and my youth group. Love y’all, see you when I see you!

Cache Anderson – Seriously, this is so amazing. I am loving the sweat, Slough and Obstacle Course. I was preparing for something more like a military training camp. God is so good and has blessed me with so many things, such as an amazing team and a love to sing. He is so amazing.

Wyatt Castle – Hey! I have had a blast so far! It’s cool to see how God places people in your group that fit with you and your personality, so you can walk together as a whole and do the work of God. Over all it’s hot, but I’m alive and can’t wait to preach the Word of God.

Adam Vaden – Boot Camp is not what I expected it to be. I feel so much more disciplined now. I crashed the dirt bike the first time I rode it. I was scared to ride it after that. I wanted to be like David and conquer my Goliath. So the next day I was flying! I can now ride a dirt bike!


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  1. Caleb, and team,

    We are so amazed and excited to see Boot Camp each night. Our hearts jump every time we see our grandson and his team. (or even the back of your head, Caleb.)
    We continue to pray for your team.
    We especially loved the Drama on Monday night. It was powerful, and told the story so well about Jesus, and all power on earth what He did for us.
    God continue to watch over, guide and draw each one closer to Him.

    Don and Sandy Flynn
    (grandparents of Caleb Owens)

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