Peru Continues To Train

Greetings from a rainy Florida! Yesterday was Sunday and we enjoyed heavy showers in the afternoon.Even though it may have brought the mosquitoes, the cool breeze feels nice. We spent most of the day under the Big Top memorizing verses and writing letters home. Jacob Como and Tommy Eckhart came up with some very creative ways to recite the memory verses to the leader. The team wrapped up phonics and drama class and are beginning music and puppets this week. Last night, we were given the clean award during rally so the team will enjoy some coveted pool time this afternoon. The countdown at rally is only six more days! Please pray for the team as they continue to learn to work together and become more united as a team. 

Max Stricker – Here at Boot Camp I have had the experience of a lifetime. Where else do you wear a shirt three times through the rain, mud, sweat, and everything else and still consider it partially clean? I have been lucky to remain blisterless, so it makes the experience unbelievably more enjoyable. Alongside the mosquitoes, I have been reading 1 Corinthians and have really enjoyed it. All of the verses are uplifting both spiritually and mentally. They provide real encouragement even when it seems as if there is no hope. I couldn’t pick a favorite verse out of the chapters – have all are so good. I would recommend 1 Corinthians to anyone who needs a little uplifting.
Christian Kobes – I have used more Gold Bond than I have in my entire life which definitely makes me appreciate the amenities of everyday life. I’m reading the book of Job in my devotions and am really enjoying it. So far, I haven’t fallen in the slough yet.

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  1. Pamela Kalisuch

    I really appreciate these updates! I love the details and personal comments. I am praying for Ann’s team daily by name so I like to see the different names mentioned and their perspectives. Plus, it keeps me connected with Ann and her experience. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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